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ulang kaji lagi...

jom kite review same2..

entry kali ni pasal nk bt revision je, sape yg rase bosan sile lah jgn scroll down bace..sape yg nk kongsi ilmu boleh la go through.FYI this is for ENVIRONMENTAL, SAFETY AND HEALTH zone.

OSHA 1994 is created to make further provision for securing safety, health and welfare of person at workplace and protecting them against safety risks.

SHO responsibility:
actually SHO duty is to plan, promote and implement safety and health practices.

regarding SHO regulation, reg 18:
it shall be the duty of SHO to advice employer and employee about safety and health at workplace, SHO also need to inspect place of work to determine the safety condition, and he or she need to investigate any accidents, near miss, dangerous occurence following the NADOPOD.other than that, SHO shall assist employer and safety committee and at the same time be the secretary for safety committee.

Some important act in OSHA 1994:
Act 15. the general duty of employer to employee:
Employer shall ensure safety, health and welfare of all employees. Employer also shall provide maintenance of plant and system of work so that it safe for work activities. other than that, employer shall provide information, training, instruction and supervison on safety and health to employees. and they also need to provide maintenance of work environment to employees so it safe for work activties.

Act 16: Employer shall provide Safety and Health Policy

Act 17: General duty of employer to person other than employees
It is the duty of employer to ensure that person other than his employees not exposed to safety risks at workplace, and it is the duty of employer to provide safety information to person other than his employees at workplace.

Act 24: General duty of employee at workplace:
employees should take care of themselves and other person at workplace who may affected by his or her work activities, employee also shall co-operate with his employer, and wear PPE provided by his employer or SHO all the time, employee also must comply all the instruction given by his employer or SHO.

Some types of industries that must employ SHO are:
-Any building operations that involve cost exceeding 20 million
-Any work of engineering construction exceed 20 million
-Gas/ petrochemical industries that employ more than 100 employees
-Some types of industries that employe more than 100 employees like chemical, metal, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, wood and cement.
- Any other manufacturing industries that not stated under SHO order which employed more than 500 employees.

atas ni quite senang ingat..tp FMA susah sikit la...

byk cite psl standard for working at construction site. yang aku tau, safety committee should be establish if there are more than 50 employees employed in the worksite. And main contractor should appoint one site safety supervisor(sss) and the sss should work at least 15 hours per week to inspect safety condition at site and checking sub-contractor either they comply wiith regulation or not. while sub-con must appoint contractor's safety supervisor to supervise on safety aspect to their employees. In the safety committee, there must have representative of site safety supervisor, and all contractor's safety supervisor.

pastu under bowec ade la jugak ckp psl electrical appliance, working at high, standard for scaffolding, safet belt, life line, and byk lg istilah2 dlm construction yg xbrape familiar.

CHRA under USECHH 2000.

FMA(safety, health and welfare) reg: 1st aid, facilities, lighting standard, floor, etc (xigt).

EQA(Schedule waste) reg 2005:
Waste generator (30days)-contractor (10days)-occupier

DG (2 copy)-Waste generator (2 copy)-contractor (1 copy)-occupier(1 copy)

lets go to ISO..
ISO 14001:
ISO 14001 is actually consisting of environmental management system (EMS). It is a structure that measuring and improving an organization's environmental impact.
some important elements in ISO 14001:
-general requirement
-environmental policy
-document control
-work instruction
-management review

certified with ISO14001 allow company demonstrate commitment to achieve legal and regulations compliance to regulators and gov. company also can demonstrate environmental commitment to the stakeholders. they also can better manage of environmental risks now and in the future. and can help enhance company reputation.

ISO 18001:
or OHSAS 18001 is a occupational safety and health assessment for safety and health management system. It is a system that measuring and improving an organization's safety and health. OHSAS 18001 help an organizations by providing a frame work which allow them to consistantly, control safety risk, reduce potential for accident and improve overall performance. some important elements in OHSAS 18001 are:
-Planning for HIRARC
-OHSAS management program
-communication and consultation
-operational control
-document control
-working instruction
-management review

Both ISO is actually the same. the requirement for both ISO also the same. Process and documentation to get certification of ISO 14001 and 18001 are essentially similar. Only the intent and focus are different.

ISO 9001:
is quality management system (QMS)
it help improve business performance. through this system also, it encourage internal communication, improve operation process and reduce waste and customer complaints. if i'm not mistaken, this system use PDCA methods which stand for "Plan, Do, Check, Act".

when accident happen which involve fatality or serious bodily injury that cause employee MC for more than 4 days, or dangerous occurrences that stated in 2nd schedule, employer must notify to the nearest DOSH office as soon as practicable, and they need to send report about the accidents within 7 days. at the same time employer or chairman of safety committee should immediately convene a safety committee meeting to discuss about the incident, and than SHO will investigate the accident together with safety committee members.

OSH(Safety and Health committee) Reg:
A company should have safety committee if there are more than 40 employees are employed. and the frequency of safety comittee meeting is at least once in 3 months. (tp jwb cenggini mase 1st intvw dulu die kate slh, die kate 6 bulan sekali, mustahil nk bt 3 bln skali...)...saye jwb ikut reg maaa..

HAHAHA... glad to say that i wrote all that above  without referring books, just trying to refresh my mind. (^^)

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