Monday, September 19, 2011

2 weeks event~

my milo tabur..slurrrp.

lamenye xupdate entry...mcm2 event jd dlm mase 2 mgu lepas...1st thing 1st, mesti la nk cite psl Mr. TNH..raye ke-7 bersamaan hr isnin 5/9/2011 he arrived at Terminal Temerloh, so i fetched him there with eman and cilah.. ^__________^, 2 months never met like 2 years, so, he stay at jengka for a week, bcoz we have no budget at all, so we just stay at home spend time with my family along that week.haha, (sabtu mlm 10/9, sempat g makan2 kt restoran bwh jambatan temerloh, kak lang belanje siakap sweet sour).. then, i follow him went to melaka also a week..huhu.thats all for Mr.TNH.

okeh, Jumaat lepas lak, ade open house kt umah angah sitah kt Taman Sri Layang Mentakab.best ooo...hehe, Friday morning i left from melake straight to Mentakab, it takes almost 2 hours and 30 minutes, bwk laju kot??haha..so, sampai2 terus tlg ape yg patut, very happening. open house 1 malaysia..indian also joining us, chinese?segan kot..huhu

after all events, now..routine back to normal...go back to Bandar jengka, stay there so that i can use my B.band since no line in jengka for celcom b.band, hurmmm..oh??yesss...forget lah, mama house at bandar jengka have new penyewa, we rent our 2 rooms to them, very cheap rent Rm100 per head..they were 5 UiTM students which indicate that we will get RM500 a month, Alhamdulillah rezeki...tp kene sharing2 la pulak lepas ni, nvm la, duit pye pasal...thx yawww~
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