Thursday, July 14, 2011


i need to improve my English...poor toon, since u small, no body guide or stress u up to strengthen ur english. well, i raise up with my grandparents, i have limited time with my parents...
yes..its true that we need to improve our English by ourselves, don't blame others. but, when we in standard 1 or 2 or three, still small....we need guidance, or somebody to force or remind us that English is important. hurmmm....i am so regret because not improve in English since long ago...what i remember, i am always got C or D in English...when all other subjects i got A's but English will ruined my results...UPSR, PMR, SPM even also in matriculation and university,

sigh.... always got jealous when my friends can speak so fluently in English...this dilemma always faced by Felda new generation, when almost all of us can not speak well in English...compare to town teenagers. Actually, its a little bit affected by environment where we live...right?

yup, i have intention to write in English in my blog to improve in this language long ago, but the shamefulness stop my intention, "Malu lah org bace english tunggang langgang"...

so, please don't laugh...i try to improve my poor English since nowadays, English is important to get a job~
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