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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EHSAN annual dinner 2011~18/4/2011

iye...!! inilah theme dinner yg dh lame sgt2 dinantikan..masquerade here we come!!!!!

Annual Grand Dinner Environmental Health and Safety Association (EHSAN) 2011@ De Palma Hotel SS 19 Shah ALam, meraikan semesta 8 tahun akhir (kami la=p), thx to EHSAN committee, dpt mug EHSAN, and the most things make me smile when diz is the first time i got dean list appreciation, dpt certificate =) , juz sediy sikit sbb xdpt naik stage amek sendiri, MC cume state name2 dean list and sorg wakil ambil sijil utk every cohort...baru nk merase naik pentas kan?its ok=)

enjoy these pictures (^^).. dinner yg enjoy, cheer, and memorable ~

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