Friday, December 7, 2012

Job VS Jobless

Dulu..memang aku jobless. Aku lah insan yang bersungguh2 berdoa supaya dikurniakan pekerjaan. Bile dah dapat aku jugak la insan yang kuat mengeluh dan merungut. Adakah aku insan yang tidak bersyukur???

# Yes you are!!!

Life become so tough day by day. It make my body exhausted. Yesterday and several days before, I 'tertido' from evening after went back home from office until in the morning on the next day. It showed how tired my body was. My brain working so hard thinking of my work, how to make it done as per my boss demanded.
Workload become increased..woooooooo..after this my job become much2 more tough!

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