Friday, January 13, 2012

I am a trainee..got some more experiences, yeah

Alhamdulillah...dah seminggu lebih kat Bangi. It was a wonderful experience to be here. I'm glad to be here, Allah give me this chance. The nice one. So, here we are..at Petronas Leadership Centre Bangi, since 4th January, will be stay here for 1 month and a half for soft skills training, and follow by On-Job-Training for 6 months after that. Hehe..bak kate my facilitator Mr. Irhan, kalau u x gemok u bukan keje or training kt Petronas Leadership Centre (PLC)/Permata/PMTSB la..seriously, we were lucky got this opportunity.

 kitorg stay kt Hostel like Hotel 4 stars along this 1 and half month

haaaaaaaaahaha...Heaven of food weh! Sedap nye la. Food menu macam kat hotel. Bayangkan la..si kuat makan kat PLC. Every day makan banyak gile.. u know? We have 6 meals a day, 1 breakfast, 1 minum pagi, 1 lunch, 1 tea break, 1 dinner, 1 supper...So, now u can imagine what i'm gonna be for the next 1 month..keep smiling to my stomach ^_________________^

P/S: Kene makan puas2 kat sini untuk preparation 6 bulan akan datang. Sbb mase OJT nanti mesti xckup mkn , terkenang2 PLC =p

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Leana said...

kompem sngt bontot kamu makin besar hahahaha =))

ILI said...

tempat tgal sgt cantik...makan best tul....ade la montel yg bru nti...huhu...

TNH AR said...

montel no 2. k.lang still no 1.